Sears Credit Card Login Online | Sears Card Payment, Apply Here

Sears Credit Card Login Online | Apply Here

If you are a Sears’s credit cardholder, you stand a chance of getting lots of goodies with any single purchase that you make. Sears card member stands a chance of getting lots of rewards. As a cardholder, you need to create an online account using the Sears website. The steps below will guide you on how to set up your Sears account online and how to complete your Sears credit card login using your username and Password.

The steps below will guide you on how to set up your Sears account online and how to complete your Sears credit card login using your username and Password.Sears Credit Card Login

About Sears

Before, Sears had been a leading brand in the list and chain of department stores. At Sears, you can buy your appliances, clothes, and home living departments.

Presently, Sears has over 750 stores scattered across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Sears has it’s headquartered in Illinois. It was founded in the year 1893. With its over 124 years of experience, it is out to serve you real good.

Sears Credit Card Review

Sears Credit card which is also called Sears Citi Mastercard presently gives 5% in point for purchases on gas stations and 3% in point for any eligible purchases at the grocery store as well as restaurants for the initial $10,000 of combined gas, grocery, and restaurants purchase. After this initial offer, users will returns to 1% for any other purchases.

Users of this card will be qualified for 2% in points on any eligible purchases done at Sears’ stores or Kmart. This is in addition to 1% they get for any eligible purchases.

As a card user, you will get $40 statement credit after spending your first $50 in your first 30 days of using the card. This differs from most cards that require you to get this incentive after 90 days.

What credit score is needed for the Sears Credit Card?

You will need to have a credit score above 700 to be qualified to apply for Sears credit card. It is not just about the credit score, the issuer might demand more from the applicant before the applicant can be approved for this card.

The issue will take a critical look at your overall financial history, this will cover your existing income and debt obligation, your credit rating is also a factor to be considered.

Download Sears Mobile App | Login Sears Mobile Account

Mobile users can access their Sears account using the Sears App. The app is available for iOS and Android users.

Click here to download Sears’s app for iPhone.

Click here to download Sear App for Android.

How to Login Sears Credit Card Online | Sears Credit Card Login

To complete your Sears Credit Card Login, users will need to;

  1. Open their browsers and enter the link You can click on the link to connect.
  2. The link will redirect you to a Sear card home page. On the page, look out for the “Sign In My Account” button to log in.
  3. While on the page, key in your Emails and password, then click Login to access your credit card account.

If you‘ve entered the right login details, you should e redirected to your card dashboard.

Forgot Password?

You cannot gain access to your account without the right login details. But for some of you that have misplaced your password, the steps below will help you retrieve your password.

  1. In that same login page, click on the “Sign in” button as started in the step above. With the page up, click on the ‘Forgot Password” below the login Bottom.
  2. Then enter the email address that you used during the sign-up stage. With that done, enter the security code as shown below and click Continue.
  3. A password reset link email will be sent automatically to your email. Click on the link and to change you’re the password to your account online.

How to Enroll Sears Credit Card Account Online

To set up your Sears Credit Card account online, users will need to;

  1. Firstly visit the Sears credit card login page, click the Sign In button.
  2. Select the button that reads “Join For Free”.
  • Next, you will need to enter your email and password. Click the Join Button to continue.

With this, you have successfully created your Sears online account. You can now have access to your account after receiving an email for the confirmation of your account creation. There are few steps to follow as ensure you have completed created your account.

Thanks for your time.

Keep your comment with us in our comment box if you’re having any difficulty with your account.

How can I pay my Sears Credit Card bill?

There are different ways to make your sear Credit Card Payment Online. You can accept to use the phone medium, by mail, or make the payment yourself in any location close to you. The options are made available so users can make their choice from the list.

How to Pay Your Sear Credit card Online

This can be done using your internet-connected device. All you need to do is to

  • Visit the online bill payment page
  • Enter your login details for the said account
  • Look out for the payment section
  • Enter the payment details

How to Pay Sears Credit Card Bill By Phone

If you can’t use the online format, you use your mobile phone.

You can put up a call to the automated Sears Credit Card Services system at 800-815-7701. Remember that you can always access this toll –free number 24/7. This automated call will guide you on how to make your payment.

How to Pay Your Sears Credit Card in person

For some people that will choose to make card payment in person, you can browse the Sears Credit card near you using this link [1]. Then, visit in person to the store near you. Ensure you bring alongside your credit card bill, move to the sears customers care person to make your payment.

Make Sears Credit card Payment My Mail

If you want to pay using the mail option, send you to check or money order through mail to;

Sears Consumer Payments / P.O. Box 9001055 / Louisville, KY 40290-1055.

For overnight payments, use this address:

Sears Consumer Express Payments / Attn:

Consumer Payment Dept.

/ 6716 Grade Lane /

Building 9, STE 910 /

Louisville, KY 40213

How do I cancel my Sears credit card?

My best advice on how to cancel your Sears credit card is to call Sear Customer care using their number – 800-669-8488.

You can as well cancel your credit card by visiting any of the Sears stores, move to the customers care service desk. Calling might be easier for you anyway.

Note: Your closing of the card will probably cause a drop in your credit score. Before you go for account cancelation, I will advise you to take a second look at your decision.

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