Nordstrom Card Activation –

Here is the two simple easy to follow method to get your Nordstrom card activated. The first method i have described is online activation ( ) and the second is telephonic activation. If you have Capital One credit card activate it here!

Nordstrom Card Activation,


For the standard users, there can be no better product than a credit card as it can help one in many ways. Among the leading cards in the banking field, one must count the name of Nordstrom credit card, which is highly popular among users due to its features. Nordstrom credit card works the best for Nordstrom fans who love shopping. It is a department store card that earns points for all purchases. The main agenda of owning this card grants early access to the annual sale. Apart from sales benefits, the owners of this card are benefited with cashback offers and faster transaction process. For example, if a regular card fetches a 2% cashback value, the Nordstrom card gets you a 3% cashback value on total purchase in the NordyClub.

How To Activate The Nordstrom Card:

Basically there are two methods to activate your nordstrom credit card and both are described below:

Online Activate The Nordstrom Card [ ]:

  1. Before clicking it, one needs the card and personal identity handy.
  2. Visit or click here
  3. On loading the page, one needs to enter the card number, expiry date, last four digits of SSN, and date of birth, etc.
  4. After clicking I for submission it activates, verify and accept terms and conditions.
  5. Lastly, if the card is activated, the user gets notified by a message.

Telephone Activation Process:

If online activation fails due to server issues, telephone activation always works. After getting the card handy, one can dial the customer care number and connect to the operator, provide details for verification, and get the card activated. On activation, one will receive a message.

Tips to Remember Before Getting A Nordstrom card:

  • Every purchase gets you a reward of 40$ only if you shop at or Nordstrom Rack provided carrying a valid card.
  • There is no yearly fee for the Nordstrom card.
  • TD bank offers special payment options that are similar to deferred interest offers. 
  • The application process is a little confusing at times, so it needs to understand terms and conditions clearly.

Nordstrom card allows anyone to be its member online by entering name and number. Apart from earning points, members of the Nordy club get a chance to attend different workshops too. 

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