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www.mbna.co.uk/activate – If you wan to activate your MBNA credit card or debit card you are at right place. Here is the full guide on how to activate your MBNA card easily and instantly.

In the world of banking, one can find several banks which are known for their services in a specific category. MNBA, formerly known as Maryland National Bank, is owned by the Lloyds banking group having headquarter in Chester, United Kingdom. It is the bank much known as the largest independent credit card issuer before its acquisition in 2017. MBNA mainly serves the borrowing need of clients. With technology developing so fast, the bank helps clients to apply for credit cards just with a click and provide a hassle-free process.  


Types of Credit Cards Available At MNBA:

  • Balance Transfer Credit Cards: These credit cards allow online portal service, which gives the client flexibility to keep a check on balance anytime and anywhere. There won’t be any liability towards the client in case of a fraudulent transaction if the alert is raised on the spot. Thus with balance transfer credit cards save money easily.
  • Transfer And Purchase Credit Cards: These cards provide the dual benefits of organizing finance and also giving the flexibility to purchase. Transfer and purchase credit cards have paperless statements and can be viewed online on mail.
  • Purchase Credit Cards: These cards prove beneficial for spreading the cost for every shopping, be it grocery shopping or something big like a house. Purchase cards are useful for promotional offers on card purchases.
  • Money Transfer Credit Cards: These cards allow money transfer to the bank account or any other account providing flexibility to clients. It also helps to organize unexpected expenses.

Eligibility Requirements to Get MNBA Credit Card:

  • The client should be a UK resident above 18 years of age and having a stable annual income.
  • The client needs to have at least three years of UK address history and a genuine contact number and email id. 
  • Bank account details need to be submitted along with sort code.
  • An individual cannot be a student; he or she needs to be employed to avail of a credit card.
  • The credit card request can be discarded on the grounds of bankruptcy or country court judgments.

Thus having an MNBA credit card makes payments easy and organized.

How to activate MBNA credit card or debitcard?

Basically there are two methods to activate your credit card or debit card.

  1. Online MBNA card – www.mbna.co.uk/activate
  2. Telephone Activation

Online MBNA card activation [www.mbna.co.uk/activate]

Get a new MBNA credit card? You should go to www.mbna.co.uk/activate to activate your card online before you use it normally. After activation, you can use your card to shop online or in store, pay your payments, and more.

How to Activate Your Credit Card:

1. Visit www.mbna.co.uk/activate login your MBNA online banking account with your user name and password. If you don’t have an online banking account, you should need to enrol before you activate your card online. Click here to enrol now!

2. After login, click on ”Activate credit card” link on “My Accounts” page, then follow the instructions to complete the activation process.

Click here to activate your credit card now!

When you activate your card, you can also use the online banking system to view your statement, review recent account activity, make payments and transfer balances online.

Telephone Activation

if you are from UK then you can call 03456 062 062 this number to get help in activating your credit card or debit card.

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