Get Amex Credit Card PIN Online step by step guide

The Amex Credit Card PIN is a 4-digit code that is generated for the customer who applied for credit card. You can change the code to whenever you want and then keep that code private. This helps in maintaining privacy and keeping the details more secure. When using the card, the system will track your information and verify your identity using the PIN number shared. Remember to keep it safe and not reveal it to anyone. Below are the most efficient method to get your PIN instantly.

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How can i get Amex Credit Card PIN?

Customers can generate their PIN number by visiting their local ATM or doing it online. You get a welcome kit when you create a new account and you can follow the steps mentioned to get your PIN number generated. You can also generate the PIN number at the ATM or via online banking. It’s important to change the PIN number regularly to avoid any problems that may occur with PIN or identity theft.

AMEX PIN generation through American Express Helpline

Pin for your American Express credit card can be changed through Interactive Voice Response System on the American Express helpline number. Follow the steps laid below:

  • Call the helpline number printed on the back of your credit card.
  • On being prompted enter the 15 digit credit card number.
  • Answer the identification questions to validate your identity.
  • Select the “Choose your PIN” Service.
  • Select PIN setup option on the IVR.
  • Enter and confirm the four digits PIN of your choice.

AMEX PIN generation by using American Express Online Services

You can generate a new PIN number by using American Express Online Services.

  1. Visit the official website and log-into your account using your credentials                                                                                                      Amex Credit Card PIN
  2. Click on the “Your PIN” tab and select “Choose Your PIN” option.
  3. Answer the identification questions to validate your identity.
  4. Select the “Choose your PIN” Service.
  5. Enter and confirm the four digits PIN of your choice.

When you have successfully changed your credit card PIN, the first transaction at POS terminal won’t require PIN validation; only signing the slip will suffice. This is because the selected PIN will be written onto your Credit Card. However, all subsequent transactions will require a PIN. It is paramount that you choose a PIN for all your American Express Cards individually.

Precaution to be taken while getting Amex Credit Card PIN

  1. It is critical that you not share your PIN number with anyone.
  2. No bank or credit card company will ever call you to retrieve your PIN number. You should never share your PIN number with anyone over the phone or in-person.
  3. You shouldn’t save your PIN number information online or in paper anywhere.
  4. If you’ve received an unauthorized PIN change email or text, you should contact the bank immediately.
  5. Have separate PINs for separate cards.
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