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We will not talk about Ebates Credit card Login guide without letting you know the situation and updates About this grate card. Before we proceed to Ebate credit card Reviews,  let us proceed to the latest updates

Note: We’re sorry to announce that Ebate Credit Card is now Rakuten credit card. Every feature remains the same according to the information we got from Rakuten. IF you are having any issue with the switch to Rakuten, Please call the customer service call: 866-419-4096. or visit the Rakuten page https://www.rakuten.com/help/article/ebates-is-now-rakuten-everything-you-need-to-know-360002117807.


This is a credit card issued by  Synchrony Bank. visit. https://www.synchronycredit.com.

There have been lots of questions like;

Is the Ebates credit card worth it?

You get a $10 first-time purchase bonus. In addition to that, Ebates Credit card gives you 3% cashback on most non-travel purchase at Ebates. I will only advise you not to use the Ebate Visa for purchase elsewhere.

IS Ebates Credit Card Real?

Ebates Credit Card

Ebates credit card Review Benefits/Rewards

The following points will help you get a comprehensive Ebates Credit Card Review;

  • You get $10 first time purchase with Ebates credit card.
  • You will as well get 3% cashback on any non-travel purchase from Ebates. This is in addition to the 1% to 40% you can get using this card in over 2000 stores through Ebates.
  • But when you use this card elsewhere, you are only entitled to 1% cashback.
  • No annual fee charged. This means that this card costs $18.61 per year.
  • This card requires you to have good credit or a better credit score before you can be entitled to it. More than 40% of card users will not be eligible for this great card.
  • Purchase APR is not Deferred with Ebates Card.
  • Transfer Intro APR: This card does not permit Balance Transfer.
  • Regular APR stands at 22.24% -27.27.24% (V)
  • Max Late Fee Stands at $38
  • No Max Overlimit Fee
  • No Max Penalty APR
  • Grace Period for Ebate Card is 23 days
  • There is no Online Response
  • Cash Advance APR is 22.24% -27.27.24%
  • Ebates Cash Advance Fee is 4% (min $10)
  • Foreign Fee charge is 3%
  • There are a Smart chip and signature with this card.

Application criteria

– Users must have a valid Social Security Number

– Again, Users must have a government-issued photo ID.

– Users must be a resident of the United States and.

– Users should have a clear credit history.

How to Apply For Ebates Credit Card Online

– Visit the homepage ebates.com  (Now Rakuten)  of the Ebates. On the left part of the webpage, you will find the “Apply Now” button.

– Then click on it and you will be directed to a new webpage that displays the Sign-Up section.

– Sign up using your Email and Password to proceed with the application, then you will be navigated to the application page. Provide the requested personal details in the application form. Once your form is validated, the bank will send you a confirmation email message.

How to check the status

Those who wish to check the status of their application must contact the customer service using the link mentioned below.

Cancel credit card

–  Contact the customer service department using the link provided

below. https://www.ebates.com/help/customer_care/other.htm

Ebates Credit Card Login Guide

To complete your Ebates Credit Card Login you will need to follow  the following steps

  • – Go to the homepage (ebates.com ) of the Ebates.
  • Once the web page opens look for the “Sign In” button towards the top right corner.
  • –  Enter your Email, Password and then check the box below if you agree that you are not a robot. Finally, click “Sign In” to access their online account.

Forgot password

– Click on the “Forgot Password?” link which is located at the bottom left of the sign in pop up as shown in the picture below.

– Enter your email and the below text to initiate your request. Once your account is validated, the bank will send you an email with instructions to reset your password.

To make payment

Log into your credit card account following the guidelines mentioned

above. On the account dashboard, the user will find the “Payments” tab which will guide you through the procedure.

– Users can set an auto debit which allows the credit card company to directly collect the bills from the bank without having to go through too much stress.

Activate card

Contact the customer service using this Link

Customer service

Go to customer Help page Link.

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