AMEX confirm card without ssn

AMEX confirm card without SSN ! Here is the full guide how you can activate your AMEX card without a SSN. American Express is one of the oldest financial institutions in the world and in North America. Their primary business is their AMEX cards, including their credit cards, prepaid cards, etc. In this page, we’re going to talk about just that, about the American Express cards and how to confirm and activate them., AMEX confirm card without ssn

Basically there are two methods are available to activate your card without SSN Number.

  1. Online activation []
  2. Telephonic activation [1-800-362-6033]

How to Activate AMEX confirm card without SSN ?

Follow any of the method available here. Still you should go with online method.

Online AMEX confirm card without SSN []

Here’s our step by step how to guide on completing the AMEX card confirming process online:

  1. Visit the official website of American Express to confirm the credit card, which is here using the link given.                                                                                      , Activate AMEX credit card, Activate AMEX debit card, Activate American express credit card, Activate American express debit card, Activate American express platinum card, AMEX confirm card without ssn
  2. Now, you’ll see a big credit card design, where you have to enter your credit card details
  3. Enter when asked and click on the “Confirm” button.
  4. Now, you’ll be asked to login to your American Express account.
  5. If you have an account with already, use your username and password.
  6. If not, start the account creation process.
  7. After creating your account, you will be taken back to the first page and will be asked some more details.
  8. And finally, your card will be confirmed.

Telephonic confirmation [1-800-362-6033]

  1. Call the toll free card confirmation hotline first – [1-800-362-6033]
  2. You’ll be connected to a customer service executive from AMEX.
  3. He/She will ask you which card you want to activate, answer it promptly.
  4. They will ask you the card details (but nothing important such as CVC, keep that in mind), tell them the details.
  5. Now, they’ll confirm your card once verified and your card will be confirmed and activated.

So these way you can confirm your card and use it instantly without the need of SSN number.

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