Activate Macy’s credit card Online

If you want to activate your Macy’s Card i.e. Macy’s credit card or Macy’s debit card just follow the simple guide which is describe in this article. We have explained two major method to activate Macy’s credit card.

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Activate Macy's credit card

Methods to activate:

Generally Macy’s credit card users or Debit card users can activate the card using following methods. Activation process is simple and instant, But sometime it take maximum 24 hours to activate the card.

  1. Activate Macy’s Card [Online]
  2. Macy’s Card Activation Phone Number [1-800-289-6229]

You can also add Macy’s Card to your existing Macy’s account Did you know how?

To add your Macy’s Credit Card or Macy’s American Express® Card to your profile, you will need to know your account number, your name exactly as it appears on your card or statement, the security code on your card and the last four digits of your social security number.

  • Select “My Account” and log-in with your email address and password
  • Under the “Macy’s Credit Card” section” click the black “Add My Card” button
  • Complete the form and select “Add Card” at the bottom
  • Complete your profile by setting up your security questions. Then click “Next”

Method 01

Online |  Macy’s Credit Card activation

Before you start with this method you must need a strong internet connection in order to complete all these steps successfully.

Activating your card online is easy!

To activate your new Macy’s American Express® Card, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here to access the “my Macy’s Credit Card”  page
  2. Click on the black “Activate Card” button                                                                        Activate Macy's credit card
  3. On the “Macy’s Credit Card Verification” page, you can submit your information to activate your card                                                                                                            Activate Macy's credit card
  4. Enter the required information like Card Number, Your name, Security code, SNN number. 
  5. Click on verify to activate your card.

Method 02

1-888-257-6757 | Macy’s Credit Card Activation Number

  1. In this method you have to contact Macy’s Credit Card support system using phone number
  2. Dial 1-888-257-6757 and ask for activation of Macy’s credit card.
  3. Provide important details of card like Card Number, Your name, Security code, SNN number.
  4. Then Customer care will help you to activate the card as soon as possible!

credit card activation process is simple is you just focus on this method good luck!

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